Saturday, December 26, 2009

belly post... only a few more of these left..

I am just now getting around to posting the pictures for the last two weeks. I'm getting MUCH bigger, almost embarrassingly so. (You know you're getting big when you're mother says you are HUGE. ;) She obviously was joking...) I'm pretty sure I'm starting to my own gravitational pull!

Here's LAST weeks picture...

35 weeks
(or maybe 36)
Man... I wish I knew for sure!

36 weeks

I had my 36 week check up last week and the Dr says that I'm a little effaced and a little dilated. (sorry is that too much info?) I am usually in some sort of pain, be it my back or my belly but it's pretty consistent. Luckily I have an AWESOME husband who is really good about making me rest and take it easy. We have to wait a least until the 1st of January for our insurance to kick in, before I can have this baby and I'm getting pretty ready now. I'm looking forward to meeting this little guy, but I am getting nervous about the idea of having two kids. I think to myself "I can't wait to not be pregnant anymore, so I can have more energy." Then I remember, "Oh wait... once I'm not pregnant anymore, I'll have two kids and NO sleep! Gah!" I guess it's too late for this kind of thinking. He's comin' in a few weeks whether we're ready or not.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Our daughter the artist

Today I learned a few things. One, Lori actually DOES like to color. And two, she doesn't need paper. I was in the my sewing room on the phone with my mom this morning when I heard a banging/hitting sound. I said to my mom, "Hang on, I think Lori's coloring on the floor." I was wrong, but not too wrong. She had taken the heart shaped crayons that I had made her and started coloring on the wainscoting of our eating area. All I could do was laugh, until my mom told me that I shouldn't laugh otherwise I would only encourage her drawing on the walls. But it was so dang cute. I could tell she had NO idea she had done anything wrong what so ever. (I love this girl so much!)

I explained to her that she can only color on paper, not the walls and then I took her crayons away. She cried and cried. I felt bad, but I figured it was the only punishment I could really do. I do plan to have her clean it off... but I wanted Jorge to see it when he got home. (I even told the women who cleaned my house today not to clean it off... is that wrong?) Sadly, Jorge is kinda proud of her work and wants to keep it up a little longer.

Later I was in kitchen and saw this...

Apparently, she had hit the kitchen before getting to the walls of the eating area. This also made me laugh. And what makes me laugh even more now as I type this is imagining Lori changing colors and adding a little blue here, and a little green there. (granted I can't be sure of this since the crayons she was using were made from melting down different colored crayons, so she could have just been using the same heart shaped crayon but the idea in and of itself makes me laugh.)

Needless to say, she will most likely be getting an easel for Christmas.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

34 weeks... or is it 35??

So here's the latest...

I went in for my 34 week check up last Tuesday. Because Lori was so small and because we were watching the baby's kidneys, (they were slightly "dilated" on earlier ultrasounds) we had our 36 week ultrasound at 34 weeks. It turns out that his kidneys are hardly dilated anymore which is good. The Dr guessed that the baby is around 4 lbs 11oz, which is pretty much the size Lori was when she was born. He said that if he gains the expected .5 lbs per week than he'll be close to 8 lbs. He then said that he wasn't too keen on me giving birth to an 8 lb baby so he may be inducing in the 39th week, which I'm very excited about! I seriously don't think I can handle 5 more weeks of this craziness! This kid is attacking me from the inside and then I have Lori attacking me from the outside. Its insanity, I tell you, pure insanity!

34 weeks or
maybe 35

I guess I'll find out more details in a week when I go back for my next check up...

I'll keep you all posted as usual. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

bigger still...

Here are the last 2 weeks of belly shots. I am getting more and more uncomfortable but still content because I know my boy is growing. I'm getting to the point where I am ready to be done though. I'm ready to meet him and cuddle him and watch him and Lori together. Sadly, I have to wait at least until the first of January since I am not covered by insurance until then. But in reality, it's not THAT far away. My parents are coming to visit for Christmas in 2 weeks, so that is something I can look forward to.

32 weeks

33 weeks

(which could be 34 depending on which due date you go with. I'm beginning to think it's the earlier one, it just feels like cheating a little bit. )