Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day...

So this is slightly late BUT really, is it ever too late to say how much you love the Dads in your life? I don't think so.

First of all, My dad, David Barnes. The dad of two girls, he really took interest in things that my sister and I liked and that couldn't have been easy. He always made me feel special and important. When I was 8 or so I started to take interest in things that he liked, tools and music to be specific. He taught me everything I know about tools, he taught me how to identify each of the Beatles by there voices and WHY they sounded the way they did. (Something that I'm sure will come in handy some day.) He introduced me to Archie and the Fantastic Four, two of the best comics of all time. Now he's a grandfather or "Papa" as Lori calls him. And he is the only other person, beside Jorge and I, who's name she says. He walks up and she says "Papa". He's obviously still very special to us.

We love you Dad! Thanks for everything!

The next of course is Jorge. Everyday he impresses me more and more. He has taken to being a dad more than I could even have imagined. I am blessed to have them both. When she hears the garage door open she gets so excited and starts saying "Dada! Dada!" If she's playing in the living room and she hears the "click" of the key in the front door she stops what she's doing and runs to the hallway (sometimes falling over in the process, which is pretty funny) saying "Dada. Dada."

He is her hero! And she is his pride and "Joy"

This is my new favorite picture, taken by a friend at a church event. It's Jorge and Lori with our friend Ben and his son Ryan. To me it captures pure joy between everyone in the picture. Fathers and their kids, a relationship that is probably one of the most important ever, one that is SO important to me because of who my father was and is and who my husband is to our daughter.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

THE Party!

So here is the post I have promised many people about Lori's big party. I've been dreading it because I CAN'T STAND the dragging of pictures that is required for such a big post! But, nevertheless, here it is...

So we held Lori's party on May 2nd so that my family could help me get everything ready. It was going to be a fiesta (since it was close to Cinco de Mayo, and since Lori's our little Mexican jumping bean) We went ALL OUT! Ok, lets be honest here, it was me, I went all out. In my own defense, I don't usually decorate when we throw parties but this time was special!! We did A LOT of work on our backyard in preporation and I really think it paid

Jorge and my dad doing some of the aforementioned prep work...

Here's a shot of the backyard "all done up"

and a family shot, with a little more of the decorations in the background.

Lori and her "papapapapa" (said in a whisper only)

We had a WONDERFUL spread of food! (is it still called a spread when it's Mexian food?) Jorge grilled up the Carne Asada for us, which took a lot longer than expected. I made my "famous" Mexican rice and guacamole, and Lori's "Uncle" Trey was nice enough to bring his equally, if not more, famous homemade salsa! It was fabulous! The food was SO good, I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

Our friend Tim Petru and "Uncle" Trey Barrow keeping Jorge company at the grill.

Another shot of the backyard... note the bubble machine... I was very proud of that. And the blow up cactus... a must for EVERY fiesta.

T Doug and Corin playing cornhole... (hold all jokes until you've played it... it's fun!!)

This is one of my favorites from the day! Lori coming over to say Hola to her daddy who's grillin' up the food for her party!



Chasing her buddy Ryan on his bike...

"I got it Mamma!"

Then it was time for cake! Our friend Shannon Gleditch made Lori's cake for us. It looked, and tasted AMAZING!!! She made it in the shape of two maracas to go with out fiesta theme. It was perfect!!

And of course we had to sing Happy Birthday... which Lori seemed to like.

Lori didn't really know what to do at first, but eventually she caught on.

Happy girl on her birthday!!

Time for gifts...

Thanks for everything everyone! We had such a special day!!