Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Myers, Mike and More...

We just recently got back from the third (and final) leg of "The baby summer tour" - limited engagements. First leg was New Mexico, the second leg was California, and the third leg was Wisconsin/Chicago.

We went to visit the Myers family, our good friend Mike Hockersmith, and Jorge's dad.

The Myers were very instrum
ental in raising Jorge. Jorge met Roger and Tammy Myers when he was 15. Roger was the youth pastor for the church they attended and it was not uncommon for Jorge to spend ALL his spare time with them at there house. So much so that it was YEARS later that their first son David (who Tammy was pregnant with when they met Jorge) to realize that Jorge was not in fact his real brother. (To this day David
isn't really ready to admit that Jorge isn't his brother, and swears that there is a strong family resemblance.)

David just graduated in May from High School and since they were throwing a HUGE graduation party for him, (in August b/c his dad, sister and girlfriend were in Jamaica on a missions trip for several weeks) since it has been almost 4 years since we'd seen them AND since we wanted Lori to meet them, we figured we'd make the trip all the way to Wisconsin to see them. And we are SO glad we did. It was wonderful to see them after all this time, and to watch them love Lori wasequally as special.

When we arrived Rog picked us up from Chicago O'Hare airport and drove us back to there house right on the other side of the Illinois/Wisconsin boarder. It took roughly an hour, which Lori wasn't too pleased about but Jorge was able to listen to the Cubs game on the radio so we was as happy as a clam. It was good to be back.

Tammy wasn't home when we got there, but three out of their four kids were, and man, have they changed.

Jorge with Kellie, John and David (Koral wasn't there)

Once Tammy got home she got her chance to hold Lori. It was a sweet moment that got even sweeter when she started crying 20 MINUTES later. David, Kelli, Koral, (3 of Rog and Tammy's kids) Amy (David's girlfriend) and I all stopped and asked her what was wrong and why she was crying. Her response was "Jorgie has a baby." I jokingly said that she had been holding Jorgie's baby for 20 minutes so why was she crying now? I think it took a while for it to all sink in. She issuch a special and loving person, with a BIG heart!

Lori and Aunt Tammy!

It was fun to see Jorge get a chance to hang out with the guys again. I know he's been missing' the Myers family. Roger took Jorge out front to play a game called... Corn Hole! I know what my family is thinking right now. ("Watch yer corn hole bud!") Because that's exactly what I thought too! :) It's pretty much a cross between a bean bag toss and horseshoes. It seemed really fun, but I was NOT good at it, so it quickly lost it's appeal.

I spent a good amount of my time with Tammy and Koral (and Lori). Tammy taught me a lot! She's alway finding ways to save money so seeing as I'm also a stay at home mom and that I too need to save make our family's money stretch farther, she showed me how to make homemade baby wipes and laundry detergent. I love it! I'll post more on my homemade projects later!

Koral likes girlie things, like me! We were able to bond over that. One day I was able to straighten her hair... I enjoyed it and I hope she did too!

I'm not a fan of ME in this picture but I like that it's on me and "Koko", so I'll post it.

The Myers have 3 dogs. The newest one was only 7 weeks old and his is name is Bear. He was an English Mastiff! (Hercules from The Sandlot) He's going to be MASSIVE, probably close to 200 lbs! He grew and inch in 2 days! (I measured him!)

Bear. As you can see, he liked to kiss Lori's toes.

Like I said before, we were there for David's graduation party. Almost 100 people showed up, most of which we didn't know, but one of Jorge's friends from youth group (I'd say High School, but that would imply that Jorge WENT to high school and well... ) His name is Peter and he and his wife Naomi were both friends of Jorge's from back in the day, Jorge was actually a groomsman in their wedding. (complete with mustache, flat top and teal cummerbund. sexy!!) She wasn't able to make it for the party but we made a point to see them when we went to Chicago. (All that is for another post)

David's cake... he's a self proclaimed Star Wars geek!

Don't point David, it's rude!

There was much game playing going on at the graduation party, as was expected. This crowd is known for their roll playing games. David taught Jorge how to play a game with Star Wars minis. (tiny little action figures that don't actually have any physical action. But there is a card that come with each one that explains what each one "can do". (?) I don't get it. But it seemed fun enough... for them)

On Sunday our really good friend Mike came up to visit and meet Lori.

He brought his girlfriend Angie with him. We had never met her before but we seemed to hit it off pretty well. She jumped right in to help with Lori.

Jorge, Mike and Rog.

John, not pleased with Lori's reaction to his feeding her...

Lori and the Myers kids!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gold Medal Party!

In honor of the Olympics our Sunday School class "Built to Last" decided to get together and have ourselves a little party to watch the Opening Ceremony. We dined on Chinese food, ("to make us feel like we were there") and all dressed in our USA best! (Red, White and Blue)

Our Awesome Teachers Jay and Amy Robinson (shown above) were nice enough to open there home for the party!

Lori was the belle of the ball (If I do say so myself) She wore jeans to match Mommy and Daddy, a shirt with the Olympic rings and to "top" it all off... an Olympic sized red bow! She looked adorable!

Lori wearing a HAND STITCHED shirt...

It was mostly just an excuse to get together, but seeing as I LOVE the theme party, I felt the need to add a little extra flair to the whole event. Which is why I gathered one candy in each color of the Olympic Rings and put them in glass bowls on the table in the shape of the rings.

Dorky, yes. But oh so festive!

Not everybody from class was able to come but we did have a good turn out.

Grace and Duncan Vise has no problem "taking Lori off our hands" Until both Lori AND Duncan both got sleepy and Grace had to take Duncan home and put him to bed. :)

Our good friends Mandy and Trey Barrow helped us dream up this party! (and many more to come!)

The class "Newlyweds" Rob and Kristy Hughes. We were all really excited that they came, and have really enjoyed getting to know them over that past few months.

Jen Catano and me

Dave Catano and Jorge. The class' token Latin men.

Jen and Dave Catano are always up for most of our class events. It's always great to know we can count on them to be game for what ever we (usually Mandy and me) dream up.