Sunday, September 11, 2011

my girl

This is my girl.

She is beautiful and funny and I love her.

She is growing up too fast.

From the moment she was born, Lori has owned her daddy’s heart. Everyone talks about men wanting sons and how great that is, but there is something about the relationship between a father and daughter that is unlike anything else. (for the record, I love my daddy too, although I don’t call him that anymore)
Today, something happened that I hope I will never forget. My mom told me to write it down so I wouldn’t and since blogging is where I do that, I figure I’d just blog it.

This afternoon, Lori went to her dress up box and got a princess dress and dress up shoes on. She went up to Jorge and asked “Daddy? Can I go to the ball?” slightly confused by her request, seeing as Lori’s imagination is just now coming to life, Jorge said yes.

“But I don’t have a Prince.” She paused. “Davey…” after a slight struggle Jorge stepped in, telling Lori that he didn’t think David wanted to be her prince. Lori looked at Jorge and said “with YOU be my Prince daddy?” Then she proceeded to lead him by the hand to her room, where she did her very best to dance with him. (He’s not a big dancer that husband of mine)

It was without a doubt one of the most touching, and heart-melting moments I’ve seen them have yet. I want to stop the clock and make her stay just the way she is, but I am also finding such joy in watching her grow into this little lady.