Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday David!


Yesterday our sweet little boy turned 2! I can hardly believe its been 2 years since he came in to our lives, but he also reminds me almost DAILY that he is, in fact, a 2 year old. He is still and I think always will be a good natured "little" man, he still laughs at everything, and nothing, (its actually really funny cause we'll just be home and he'll just start playing and then just LAUGH really hard. Seeing as his middle name means Laughter, I think its fitting, and here to stay) BUT he is also growing up SO fast! David love to sing, just recently he started singing Christmas carols, "Chin-nah nah, chin nah nah, Chin nah ahhhh da waaaayyy!!" (Jingle Bells) and Silver Bells, which is also pretty funny. He has also taken to singing the last word or so in every line to the lullabies I've been singing them. "Jesus Loves Me" and a song my dad wrote probably before I was born.
David is about as boy as you can get, making me more and more thankful that God has decided to give us a baby GIRL. (God sure does know what we need! Amen?) I can't imagine having TWO Davids back to back... yipes! Cars anything, airplane anything, those are his favorite things, aside from his only NON manly toy... his stuffed lambie pie, which he prefers to his Triceratops, go figure. Tonight in fact, he got out of bed, stood at his door and say Jorge watching football on TV and said "football" then quickly ran to the couch and yelled "COUCH!" We were trying to hard not to laugh, but it was just do dang cute. He sat there on the couch watching football for literally a min going "wha? wha?" as he watched the game. The proceeded to say "couch daddy, couch!" as Jorge tried to get him back in bed.
I LOVE this boy! He is such a delight and a sweetheart. I pray that this spirit will remain with him all his life, and that he will grow to be the man of God I hope him to be, strong and courageous, and faithful in all he does.

(yes that is a PINK train set... its Lori's. Jorge is desperate to get this boys some boy toys... at least he's not wearing the pink conductor hat in this pic...)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Thar she blows...

Lately I have been feeling HUGE... beyond massive really and the sad realization that I still have 4 months left makes me slightly depressed. Ok, well NOT quite depressed, I LOVE being pregnant, but this kid is proving to be more difficult than the other two. I just can't believe I still have so long left, she moves CONSTANTLY, which is fun, but again, makes me tired. :)

I still take a picture every week, so here are the last several... (man I need to update this blog more often don't I?)

20 Weeks
5 months

21 Weeks
5.25 months

22 Weeks
5.5 months

23 weeks
5.75 months

24 weeks
6 Months

I can not wait to meet this new baby girl. Our whole family is SO excited, well, aside from Davey who really is pretty clueless on the baby thing. I can't believe that soon enough, there will be another Hernandez in this house. Wow. I hope these next few months go a little quicker. :)