Sunday, July 20, 2008


Over the 4th of July weekend Jorge and I flew with Lori to visit his mom in Albuquerque New Mexico. While there we were able to visit with the majority of Jorge's family, which as some of you know is very unique. Not the individual people necessarily but just the family in general... we had A BLAST!

Lori was surprisingly well behaved for her plane ride!
She ate and slept, like a good

Lori and Jorge's mom meet for the first time!

We were able to visit with Jorge's mom, brother & sister-in-law, Jorge's niece and nephews and THEIR kids. This is where is gets somewhat quirky... Jorge's brother is 56 and has 3 kids (the oldest of which is 38 and the youngest is 32.) So Jorge has nephews that are older than him. (making them significantly older than me :) ) All of them have kids. (the oldest is 18 and the youngest is 1 month) So I am 7 years older than my great nephew! :) (are you confused yet?)

Lori and her cousin Vicky
(Jorge's sister's daughter)

Lori meets Chris, her 1st cousin...

top: Lori and her Abuela bottom: Abuela and Vicky try to figure out who Lori looks like.

Vicky and her son Giovanni (our great nephew)

The day after our 4th of July party (the 5th of July) all of us "kids" drove an hour and a half to a lake for a swim. Jorge, Lori and I did not swim but we had enjoyed hanging out, catching up and getting to know everybody better. Vicky lived with Jorge and his mom for about 7 years when they were growing up so they were able to catch
up. We never really knew the rest of the "niece and nephews" all that well, if at all, so we were able to get to know them better over this long weekend.

Lori sleeping at the lake

Chris and his son, also named
Chris rough housing at the lake.

The boys at the lake

"waiting for Chuck Norris" (he never showed.)

After the lake we all went to dinner an Outback Steak house (very yummy) While we were there Lori fell asleep and then became the center of attention for our Great nieces Lola and Alexa. While Staring at her Alexa said to Lola, "She's just so pretty I can't stop looking at her." I just thought that was the cutest sweetest thing I'd heard! Those girls were so precious. (... even if Lola seemed somewhat afraid of me.)

Lola, left and Alexa, right

Lori and our nephew's baby Alea, they are 2 months apart

Our family

Back Row: Elliot (Vicky's husband), Jorge, Franky (Chris' son), Paquito (Jorge's oldest brother), Chris (Chris' oldest son), Eric (Paquito's son), Alyssa (Eric's oldest daughter) and Essence (Alyssa's friend)

Front Row: Vicky (Jorge's niece) Dana - holding Lori, Claudia (Eric's wife) - holding Alea, Helen (Paquito's wife) -holding Alexa (Eric's daughter)

Friday, July 11, 2008

A myriad of Martys

This summer has been and will continue to be super busy! We are blessed to have MANY visitors and trips to see family!

On June 19th Aunt Cindy and Uncle Alan Marty came in to town and we were able to have a nice pizza dinner over at the ferguson's house where they were able to meet Lori.

Lori and Aunt Karley

The next day their daughter, who Lori will be calling Aunt Karley, came to spend the weekend and brought her boyfriend Jay for Jorge and I to meet as well. (no score cards on this one... sorry Popsie) We had such a good time! Obviously being new parents we weren't able to go out and show them the town as much as we would have liked but we were able to visit, go out to dinner and get them to watch a few movies that they hadn't seen yet. (Transformers!) But most importantly we were able to meet Jay and they were able to meet Lori!

Lori, Jay and Aunt Karley!

I LOVED watching both Karley and Jay hold and love on Lori. It made me feel loved watching them love her!

Jay did have to put Lori in line from time to time... :)

But there were no hard feelings

He even won her a presentfrom a claw machine!

... She's still getting used to it. :)