Monday, August 24, 2009

a dream come true

As many of you know, my sister and her family moved to Houston about a month ago. I was sittin' at home the other day thinking about how blessed I am. Megan and I have always been close, yes we fought, but I really can't think of a time where I didn't consider her my best friend.

When we were little girls we used to talk about what it would be like when we grew up and one of the things we talked about was living down the street from each other. She would have a pink house, and I would have a "booger green" house. (that was what we called the color of my parents house and I wanted to do everything just like them)

Fast forward 20 plus years and here we are. Ok, so we don't live exactly "down the street" from each other, and her house isn't pink and my certainly is not "booger green" but we aren't complaining.

It's been a fun month! Jorge and I are excited that our kids will grow up with their Aunt and Uncle around the corner. We look forward to raising our kids together. It truly is a dream come true.

P.S: Happy Birthday Megan!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Up to NO good!

Here's a little update of Lori and her mischief! If you are "a regular" to our blog you know that there is something we do that I like to call "Up to NO good!" cause frankly, that's what she is... up to NO good! She's SO cute, I know that, but spend one day with her and you'll agree with me, she's a menace! It does make for some pretty cute pictures though!!

Here are some shots of Lori "helping" Uncle Ryan unpack one of his boxes... I don't think anyone asked her for her help, nor do I think they will again for a while.

I made the mistake of leaving my purse/diaper bag in the hallway... Lori LOVES bags! Well, she loves to TAKE APART bags, and wallets and pretty much anything. So as I was resting on the couch, trying not to be sick, Lori decided to take apart the diaper bag and my gift card holder... she made a HUGE mess!!!


Monday, August 17, 2009

more belly

Here are a few more belly pictures...

16 weeks

I can't believe it's been 4 months already!
Kinda crazy!

17 weeks

I'd say that I am SLOWLY starting to move out of the "she let herself go" stage and in to the "I think she might be pregnant" stage. I THINK I'm looking forward to the "when are you due" stage, but that's easy to say now... when I'm there it could be an entirely different story.

This one KINDA creeps me out only because Lori is sitting on and squishing her future sibling, making my belly look kinda freaky in my opinion. It's still cute though... cause Lori looks SUPER excited!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Belly Shots...

When I was pregnant with I took a "Belly Shot" every week, wearing the same thing (more or less) and in the same spot, starting at 12 weeks. So naturally, I wanted to to the same thing with "Numero Dos". I know everyone says that you get a lot bigger a lot faster the second time around, and I am hoping that "Numero Dos" is bigger than Lori was, (who was only 4lbs 14 oz) but really, I don't know if I'm ready for it... oh well, too late now!!

Here's my 12 week picture from when I was pregnant with Lori... I remember thinking that I was TOTALLY showing. How silly of me. :)

12.5 weeks

and here's 12 weeks (more like 12.5 actually) with "Numero Dos" Lookin' bigger than last time for sure!

14 weeks

We missed 13 weeks cause I was at my parents house, so this is 14 weeks. The shirt is a little bigger than the last one, so it looks a little different, and my hair has seen better days but you get the point.

15 weeks

Not much of a difference between 14-15 weeks, (especially with the hair) but I figured I'd post it anyway. The shirt is the same as in the first picture since I couldn't find the maternity version of this shirt, so it's a little bit tighter.

So there you go, let me know if you'd like to see more or less of these. But be honest!!
I don't want to bore you more than I probably already do.