Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Dad,
I love you.  You have been and always will be my hero.  The strongest, bravest, funniest, most cleaver man I could ever imagine when I was growing up. You taught me about God, and about his never ending love for me.  You made me the tomboy that I am and I couldn't be prouder of that fact.  I've always wanted to be like you!  Because of you I can tell each member of the Beatles apart by their voice alone and tell you WHY they sound different, I can play harmonica as well as Alanis Morissette, I can use a power tool just about as good as any boy on the block, I can also retell several interesting stories and facts about the Civil War that your average history book doesn't tell us. Because of you I can sing any Peter, Paul and Mary song ever written, (in harmony if needed.) You gave me a love and respect of music of all kinds.  There is something about music that stirs something deep within my soul, and that is something that you gave me at a young age.  But most importantly, because of you I knew just what to look for in a husband.  (and I found him!)  I knew to find a gentle and kind man,  but one who would stand up to me when needed, and love me enough to not let me walk over him, a man who melts at the site of his little girls and loves to be silly with all his kids.  You showed me what it was like to be loved by God, and because of you, referring to God at my heavenly FATHER has never been difficult for me.  Thank you for loving me always, even when I'm tough to love.  Thank you for buying me Fantastic Four comics and letting me drive with you all the way to your harmonica lessons.  Thank you for giving me your middle name.  Thank you for driving with me and the kids to Chicago and Memphis.  I will treasure that trip with you and the memories from our time there until the day I die.

Favorite picture of my dad EVER!  *He looks like Jesus!!!

 Thumbs up for dad!

Father Daughter dance.  Great fun.

Memphis trip.  Treasured memories.  
I love this picture of Lori on your shoulders.   Something so sweet and special about it.

I love you dad.


p.s: I apologize for any grammatical errors and/or run on sentences, of all the things you taught me, proper grammar, particularly of the written variety, is the one that hasn't stuck.  hee hee