Friday, June 25, 2010

Jesus Love me!

Lori has been "singing" for a while now, but hasn't really gotten the whole "lyrics" thing. She would sing "Jesus Loves Me" by saying "Bible, Bible" over and over again. It was cute and I enjoyed the sweetness of it. But just the other day she surprized me by singing the actual words! I was THRILLED! So thrilled that I have started trying to teach her Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" which is comin' along quite nicely. So far we have "Why? Why?" and "Looking out... across the night-time" and then "No I don wanna!" (not the lyrics... just her protest)

Here is a couple of videos I took on my phone (probably should invest in one of those flip cams huh?) of Lori singing her version of "Jesus Loves Me" with the promise of her rendition of "Human Nature" to come soon.