Sunday, November 27, 2011

Number 3 Belly watch...

I HAVE been taking belly pictures but I haven't posting them quite yet. Things have been crazy. This pregnancy has been much more difficult than the other two. Lori was a BREEZE, David was significantly more nauseous, more pain etc. THIS one on the other hand, not exactly a walk in the park. Since getting pregnant for this 3rd time, I have had some sort of 24 hour bug, a WHOLE lot off feeling icky, WAY more tired than I remember being with the others, and then a sinus infection. Its been brutal. I love being pregnant. I love this baby, but MAN, I'm looking forward to feeling better eventually.
So with out much further ado, here are the belly pictures from the last several weeks.

12 weeks
3 months

13 weeks
3.25 months

14 weeks
3.5 months

15 weeks
3.75 months

16 weeks
4 months

17 weeks
4.25 months

18 weeks
4.5 months

19 weeks
4.75 months

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My husband cracks me up!

We are watching Dr. Phil where he's talking about a new TV movie 'Have a little faith' with Martin Landau in it, and when Dr. Phil introduces Martin Landau, describing all his hugely famous friends and all the people he's acted with, I said something like "How is he not dead yet?" to which Jorge says, in all seriousness mind you, "He is." (We watch Martin Landau walk out on to stage) and our conversation goes as fallows.
Me: Uh, no he's not.
Jorge: No really. I thought he died. (checks to see if this is an old episode of Dr. Phil. Its not)
Me: He's not dead.
Jorge: (Genuinely concerned) Well then WHO DIED!?
I checked wikipedia to make sure cause now he has me thinkin'/remembering something about Martin Landau dying.
Jorge becomes very upset by the idea that Martin Landau is still alive cause he remembers being sad that he died. ("Cause he's the guy from the X-files movie")
I was cracking up so bad that Lori came out of her room to ask "who's laughing?"

I know this is a beyond random post, it was actually supposed to be a Facebook status update that turned out to be too long... so I figured I'd blog it, I just had to share how funny I think Jorge is! I haven't laughed that hard in a long long time! I imagine we'll be watching the X-files movie in the near future.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Sweet Lori

Today Lori sang me "Happy Birthday", followed by "cause your Birthday's comin' up." I told her, that my birthday had already happened and that it was in July. She responded with "But that's coming up, right?" I said "No, but you know who's Birthday IS coming up? Jesus."
Her answer to my saying that was classic,
"JESUS?! Can we go to Heaven and help Him decorate? Cause He can't decorate His party all by Himself!!"

I LOVE my children. They bring me joy everyday. I hope and pray that God will continue to grant me these types of moments, so that in those crazy days where I'm pulling my hair out, I can be reminded of what a blessing and gift from God they truly are!