Friday, December 21, 2012

I have been WAY WAY WAY behind on blogging.  Maybe its cause I have 3 kids...  Its been the most crazy, most fun, most exhausting most rewarding time.  Faith is approaching 9 months and I really can not believe it!!  She has a tooth now, and the older she gets, the less and less she looks like a carbon copy of her older siblings and more like her own person.  She is a complete joy to have, and a blessing to our family.

We had a little "mishap" with our camera... i.e: everything expensive that I own should be covered in bubble wrap, but all is well now and I am back to taking pictures and actually getting them off the camera and on to the computer.  (now if I could only get them from the computer to a scrapbook right!?)

One thing I have noticed, and I credit it ALL to prayer, constant prayer, is that my kids seem to all love each other very much.  Lori has been enamored with Faith since she met her in the hospital, stuffed (finding) Nemo in hand.  David was your typical boy not very interested in the baby at first.  BUT he came around quickly.  If asked, "Is that David's baby, or Mommy's baby?", he would often respond "ummm.... that Davey baby"  He also was kind enough to bring her to me when she was 5 days old after I had put her on the floor by the window (needed UV rays) in her room.  David brought her out to me by the arm, as if she was a stuffed animal.  "Here Mama, Here baby!"  I didn't want to get mad at him or startle him so he'd drop her... so I just very slowly told him thank you and asked him to not pick her up again.  Eeps.  I guess its survival of the fittest when you are the third.

Since then as she's been growing up, I've noticed that Faith just lights up when David is around.  She follows him around, when possible, and just loves to be near him.  She loves her sister too, and I still pray that they will be as close as my sister and I are, but there is just something so neat about their little bond.  He also will sometimes go wake her up cause he's giving her a toy or bottle he found around the house.  Its so sweet. 

Here are some pictures I took of David and Faith doing what they do.  

 Playing with the iPad

 Sharing toys

 Holding hands watching T.V

sweet faces

Having a tea party


 Not to be forgotten... SISTERS!!!

All three "crazies"!

Now that Blogger changed the way I can post pictures, I think I will be blogging WAY more now!  So get excited!!!!

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